Here at Michelle Randles School of Dancing, we offer a range of classes for all ages!

To improve technique or to practice for upcoming exams or shows we offer private lessons and semi-private lessons.



These are our core subjects and thought of as most important dance styles to train in. Ballet, tap and modern provide an individual with the technique necessary to become a fantastic all round dancer and will aid any dancer looking to give them the best start  in a dance career. We recommend this class to aspiring dancers at a beginners level. Our main session of exams are built from these classes.


Developing elegance, poise and grace, our pointe class is an invitation only class based on the strength of the ankles​ whereby the individual rises onto blocks at the end of specially designed ballet shoes.



Surrounding the idea of improvisation, contemporary dance is a style which can be performed to many different genres of music with a focus on floor work and feeling.


Acrobatic Arts is a beautiful fusion of dance techniques and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. It has gained popularity with wide spread success of contemporary circuses such as circus de soleil and main stream media including dance TV programmes like “Dance Moms’, ‘The Next Step’ and ‘So you think you can Dance’.  Acro is especially challenging for the dancer to master as training in dance and Acrobatic elements is required. Acro techniques includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, strength and contortion. All students will have the opportunity to gain examinations in this discipline.



Incorporating drama, singing and dance, our performing arts class is a fun filled session for those who wish to build confidence in all aspects.



One of our most popular classes split into Kool Katz, Juicy, Pulse, Starstruck and Glitz.  Our street dance shows are always a crowd pleaser and the children continue to show their sass and attitude out of class too! 



A form of gymnastics emphasising the use of clubs, balls, ribbons, or hoops. Leaps, balances, pirouettes are just some of the dance like moves displayed in this style. Examinations are taken in this class.



A cheerleading like form of dance, pom is a great class for those with lots of energy incorporating formations, leaps, jumps and tricks with pom poms!



Private Singing Lessons are available on Saturday afternoons with Miss Sophie. These can be taught in solo, duet or trios for either half an hour or a full hour. Please contact us for more information.


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All of our classes welcome both girls and boys x

Private Lessons

Private Lessons with Miss Michelle or Miss Lucy- Please see reception or complete a form x

One Person:

30 minutes- £10

1 hour- £20

Two People:

30 minutes- £12.50

1 hour- £22.50

Three People:

30 minutes- £15

1 hour- £25

15 College Street, Irthlingborough

Northamptonshire, NN9 5TU


Call us on: 01933 651858

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